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Khaosan Road / Khao San Road - Bangkok
Information on getting to Khaosan Road & getting around in Bangkok including a rough guide to prices for travel, accommodation & eating

Getting there
Getting around
Guest Houses
Eating and Drinking

Khaosan Road

Getting to Khaosan road from the airport
Taxi - the simplest way - recommended
There is a public taxi kiosk at the airport. The taxis have meters and a surcharge of around 50B is charged for the airport service. The most logical route is by expressway where there will also be a toll charge (approx 100B)
Total cost is around 500B

Note: The airport limousine service is far more expensive!!

Cost 400 - 500B
Time 45 - 60 mins
Airport Express Bus
There is now an Airport Express Bus with 4 routes into the city.
Bus no.AE2 will take you close to Khaosan Road
(A1 to Silom area,  A3 - Sukumvit area, A4 - Hua Lamphong Station)
Operating from 5:00am - 12:00 midnight.
Cost 150B
Time 90 mins
The new Airport Rail link is still under construction.


Cost ?? B
Time 15 - 30 mins
Local Bus - The cheapest way, Only for the adventurous!
There is a Public Bus service to Bangkok & surrounding areas from the Airport Transport Centre. You will need to take the Airport Shuttle Bus to the transport centre. Bus no. 551 runs to the Victory Monument, a few kilometres from Khaosan Road. From there you will need to catch another bus, Taxi or Tuk Tuk to reach Khaosan.
Cost approx 15 B
Time 120 mins
For approx 500B on the total cost of your stay in Thailand
we recommend taking it easy with a taxi.
Avoid the Taxi touts inside the airport!!

The new rail link should become the best way to leave the airport & get to the centre of the city once it is finished.

Getting to the airport
The same routes apply for getting to the airport, with
the addition of a minibus service direct from Khaosan.
Cost 180B
Time 70 mins

Khaosan Road

Getting around in Bangkok
Finding your way by bus in Bangkok can be tricky, even for locals! There are bus maps available for the adventurous and determined. There are many types of bus with fares ranging from 5 - 25B.
Cost 11 - 30B
Almost all taxis in Bangkok now have meters and are by ar the easiest and stress free way to travel in the city. There should be no need to negotiate price, just to tell the driver your destination. Do check that the driver starts the meter when you enter. It is not unknown for a taxi driver to try for a fixed fare (especially with tourists & at busy times of day). Insist on the meter or find another taxi.
Cost 35 - 300 B+
Thailand's 3 wheeled, open taxis.
Fun for the experience and useful for short journeys.
Once the cheaper alternative to taxis but now often
more expensive. Bargaining involved. Be aware that
the '10B all day around the city' deals involve you
visiting tourist shops where the driver gets commission
Cost 30 - 200B+
There is an express boat along the Chao Phraya river,
good for destinations such as the Grand Palace,
and China Town. A cheap way to avoid the traffic!
There are also Klong (canal) boats in certain areas.
Cost 5 - 15 B
The Sky Train / Subway
Smooth, fast, traffic free!!
Limited coverage of the city but a great way to avoid the traffic if your destination has a station.
Cost 25 B
Guest Houses and general information
There are many guest houses and some hotels in the Khaosan Road area. Rooms are normally taken on a first come, first served basis, with very few guest houses accepting advanced booking.
Guest house price guide
Single room 80 - 250B
Double room 150 - 400B
Air con
Double room 300 - 1600B


Eating and drinking

Contrary to the belief of many travellers, Khaosan is one of the cheaper nightlife areas to eat and drink in Bangkok. Since the economic downturn (97-98) & the opening of new clubs & restaurants it has become more and more popular as a nightlife area with young locals. There are numerous restaurants, stalls and bars in the area offering a variety of foods and prices. Khaosan Road does seem to be moving slightly "upmarket" these days though, with more & more stylish Restaurants & Cafe's. If you are on a tight budget try the street stalls or street restaurants in the surrounding area.
Average prices
Beer (small)

70 - 500 B
10 - 20 B
20 - 50 B
40 - 120 B
Free - 50B /hour
Shops, convenience stores, street stalls and street bars may offer lower prices




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